Top 10 Newborn Must Have’s

10 Newborn must have's

Hi Ya’ll,

I know I am so sorry for not posting for a LONG while! Life just got ahead of me and things have been a little crazy but, I am back at it!

This post is ALL about Newborn must have’s! I’m talking to you all about the 10 things that saved me in the newborn phase.

Again, thanks for checking out my blog and keep reading if you want to hear more! πŸ™‚

  1. Changing Pad Liners- Little did you know, Newborns have the best poops πŸ™‚ haha. These pads are LIFESAVERS!! They really help for those blow out poopy diapers. I can’t stress enough on getting a few of these so you can easily change those nasty diapers without worrying about not getting it anywhere. Pop them in the washer after and easy clean up. Find them here.
  2. Moby Wrap- I tried multiple wraps and none beat this one. The material is so stretchy and soft just perfect for the little newborn. I couldn’t live with out this! Abygail loved it and it allowed me to not feel like I was suck to the couch, bed, or chair all day. Find them here.
  3. Boppy 2 Sided Breastfeeding Pillow- This has been the ultimate live saver for a nursing mom. But, really even if you aren’t nursing its the best! Abygail literally slept on this pillow for a good 2 months of her life! It was the only thing she was comfortable sleeping on. It has two sides, I soft pillow side and a firm memory foam side. Just perfect for all stages. Find it here.Β 
  4. Full footed Onesie with Zippers- Of course you need your little newborn to stay nice and cozy at all times. To add to this, its very important for your sanity that you get onesie’s with zippers! The buttons, just don’t go there! The zippers just make it easy.
  5. Burp Clothes- This is a staple! You will need these at all times! Lets just leave that right there. πŸ™‚
  6. Rock n Play (Auto)- This item is a lifesaver! We got the non auto one for a gift and she loves it, even today! It makes it easy for me to bring her in the kitchen, bathroom, etc. while I am busy. I’m recommending the auto one because the manual one, well lets just say, I might as well hold her if I have to stand there and rock her. πŸ™‚ Β Find them here.
  7. Swing- Another staple for your sanity….. It gives you 15+ mins to yourself πŸ™‚ Some babies love their swings so much they sleep in them. We weren’t so lucky.. but her AM routine is swinging for about 20 mins right when she gets up to wake up. πŸ™‚ Still to this day.. Even though she’s almost grown out of it.
  8. Bath Tub w/ Temp gage- You don’t really realize you need this until you have it. It has been so convenient and helped me feel comfortable giving my Β baby a bath. Find ours here.
  9. Glass Bottles- You never know what kind of junk is in plastic so I would highly recommend using glass at least during the newborn phase.
  10. Breast pump- I got one of these through my insurance for free and It just didn’t work for me. I tried for weeks and weeks and got maybe an ounce everytime. I reached out to some of my close friends and one of them had the one I attached in the image. It has been WONDERS, completely different experience. I would suggest getting the one from your insurance and see if it works but if it doesn’t don’t be discouraged thinking its you. More than likely its just the pump πŸ™‚


Well thats it I hope you all enjoyed my recommendations stay tuned for 0-6 month must have’s coming soon πŸ™‚ Thank Ya’ll for reading and please subscribe!




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