Adjusting to New Mom Life!

You don’t realize just how much pressure a new mom is put under until you become one. You are about to bring a life into this world that God gifted and trusted you with. Every decision you face going forward will affect your child if you want to believe it or not. That alone is a ton of pressure! But, then you have the pressure of Breastfeeding, struggling with hormones, struggling with self image, not neglecting your husband and marriage, and adjusting to all the responsibilities. Its no doubt a lot to handle and every single one of you Momma’s deserve the world for all your sacrifice.

Over these last 3 1/2 months I have gone through the most personal change I believe in my entire life. I am now responsible for another human, I am responsible for providing everything down to wiping the poop of that little darlings bottom. All you want to do is give them everything they’ve ever dreamed of. Your love for them is completely un-measurable. I remember my thoughts during my entire pregnancy, I was just so incredibly grateful, I’ve always loved everything about children. I believed that being a mother was my God given gift. When she was born, I really understood the magnitude of gratitude I would have. Its overwhelmingly amazing to think that this is now my life.

But, its not always as good as strawberry pancakes. I think the scariest part of this journey is I am responsible for being this little girls emotional support. Am I doing the right thing?, is she happy?, Why is she crying?, What is she seeing that will affect her?, Does she know how much I love her? etc. These are all the things I struggle with daily. But, I’ve come to learn that I can never be perfect. I am a sinful human that strives for perfection when that is impossible. I’m learning to accept the fact that I will make many mistakes during this journey and I need to welcome each one in order to grow.

Breastfeeding luckily came easy to Abygail, she immediately latched and breastfed great. But, no one ever talks truths about the struggles of breastfeeding even if you have a good baby. I cannot express enough on how extremely demanding it is. How being a new mom you feel uncomfortable leaving your house because you know your baby will want to eat. And feeding in public? Let’s not get on that subject, but let me just say its ridiculous the looks you will get. I suggest if you plan to breastfeed that you prepare yourself for what’s to come. You are up at all hours of the night, your baby does get more attached to you so the less happier they are with others, they do not have a schedule to eat, your nipples will get sore and sometimes raw, them sleeping by themselves in a crib or bassinet? What’s that?  But, even though these are some of the many struggles, its still incredible that my body produces what it needs to for my baby to survive and that bond is so worth it. For all you other soon to be Momma’s don’t give up on it, take one day at a time. For you other breastfeeding Momma’s you’re doing amazing, keep up the commitment and just know you are doing the best you can.

Now, lets get into the hormones, self image and not neglecting your marriage. These are other areas of New Mom life you don’t think about. How can you be intimate with your husband if you just feel like a fat, stretch mark, old milk smelling, tired MOM! Not to mention the scares of how that might feel after having a baby…  Its okay to feel all of these raw emotions. But know and be confident in the fact that your husband loves you and all those things don’t matter to him. He still feels your beautiful yesterday, today and always, you should believe that too.

If your one of the lucky ones (like myself) your body doesn’t bounce right back and you know it will be hard work to get it there and right now your priority is your new baby. Don’t beat up on yourself if your not the mom that is out walking with their baby the next week after birth. All babies are different, all bodies are different and just give yourself and your baby time to work “Mom time” into the equation. That time will come just be patient and don’t get yourself in a rut if you can’t find the time to make your weight loss a priority at first. Though its very important for Mom’s physical and mental health to come first, be confident that time will eventually come. At some point your baby will be okay with an hour or two a day away from Mom. I promise!

In closing I want to encourage every Mom to be or New Mom to know that being a Mom is the hardest thing you will ever have to do. But, everything you do will now be for a purpose and that purpose is so worth it. Your baby loves you, depends on you, and cherishes every ounce of time they get with you. You cherish it too and don’t worry about the struggles of this world. Take time to appreciate the time you have with them, and enjoy all seasons of all these next chapters of life. When you get overwhelmed, walk away, give yourself a moment, put your big girl panties on and handle this Mom life like its everything you ever wanted!


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