10 Important things to do before your baby is born!

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Right before I had my baby girl, I thought I couldn’t research enough. I’m here to tell you all what is REALLY important to do before baby comes.

  1. Freezer Meals- I cannot tell you enough how IMPORTANT this one is, which is why its #1. My husband and I took two evenings and made about 30 meals. It has literally saved us so much time and hassle after Abygail was born. It is so easy to just pop them in crockpot and leave it. Here is a link to the recipes I used. These tasted so good and were simple to just throw in a bag without much prep.
  2. Clean Floors, window coverings and seals- You never know if your newborn will have allergies and the most collection of dirt, bacteria, and allergens are in both of these places. You don’t want to skip out on making sure they are nice and deep cleaned. I’d add ceiling fans to this too (if you have any).  My Husband helped with the floors and I broke up the windows over a fews days and only did a couple at a time.
  3. Waterproof Mattress Cover- I know they say that only a small percentage of women’s waters actually break before labor. Do you want to chance it?  I was that small percentage so i’m glad we took precaution. But, for those of you that don’t have a waterproof mattress cover like us or can’t afford it, a $2 shower curtain liner under your sheet works just the same! Tricks of the trade! haha!
  4. Nursing Bra- Don’t buy too many of these because your size changes, let me tell you! But, I would suggest buying one or two before hand because you are not going to want to go get any right after the baby comes. You will need it! Click here for my favorite. It’s comfy and you can grow into it.
  5. Wash only Newborn-3 months clothes- I say this because you never know how fast they are going grow. The baby will more than likely grow out of the clothes before you get to them all. You want to make sure they are washed so its one less thing to worry about. You can wash with all natural detergent but I had to use dreft for that baby smell that is to die for!
  6. Maxi Pads– No one wants to talk about the after birth, but let me tell you. You need these and lots. Get them before so you don’t have to worry about it or embarrass your hubby to go get them for you.
  7. Install that Car Seat- you never know when that beautiful blessing is coming. I’d recommend installing the car seat at least 3 weeks before due date. If your worried about safety, check your local Sheriff Department or Kohls if you have that store near you. They will check your seat and help install it properly if they feel it’s not safe.
  8. Make goodie bags for Nurse staff- You don’t realize how much support they give you. It’s nice to reach in your hospital bag and hand them a little goodie bag for their long hours. They really appreciate it and you get to show them just how important they are. If it wasn’t for my delivery nurse, I may not of had my baby girl natural. She was amazing!
  9. Book Newborn photography- You are going to be so overwhelmed with being a new mom, trying to figure out nursing and your babies needs. You will have no time to even think about this. If you know how and decide to take your own, that’s great too. Just make sure you plan everything out before hand and get props, charge batteries, etc.
  10. Rest Rest Rest- I never really understood why everyone always tells you this before you have your baby. Now that she’s here and almost 3 months, I cannot stress this enough. Getting good sleep is almost impossible with a newborn and you have never experienced this level of sleep deprivation before. So, SLEEP as much as you can before baby. Enjoy it!

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  1. These are all great tips for preparing for a newborn baby. On #9 especially, the best time for newborn photography is in the first 10 days of life, so if you don’t prepare and book your newborn session early, it’s so very easy to miss documenting those precious early moments!

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